A list of confirmed incoming items is shown below. Most recent additions are in bold. The last update took place the: May 5.

You are welcome to pre-order an item. Just send an e-mail to tordonljuddistroATliveDOTcom. No need to pay until your items have arrived.


Gordon Monahan – Piano Mechanics/Large Piano Magnified (LP) – (150 SEK / 17 EURO)
Gordon Monahan – Speaker Swinging (LP) – (150 SEK / 17 EURO)


Human Rays – Towering Conflict (CS) – (50 SEK / 6 EURO)
Isorinne – Varseblivning (CS) – (50 SEK / 6 EURO)




Broken Lights – Downfall (CS) – (50 SEK / 6 EURO)
Third Eagle – Confirm The Word (CS) – (50 SEK / 6 EURO)


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