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03/02 – 2013: Update w. 5

New in stock this week: strong Urashima LPs (especially recommended is the Ten-Jin compilation and the M.O. reissues), Damien Dubrovnik, Pestdemon and the second issue of the well made US zine New Forces.


Arkhe – Kryptakravlarn
BA. KU. / BT. HN. – Ritual Totemic Stone
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Catacombs
Concrete Threat + Vomir – Monolithic Blasphemies
Damien Dubrovnik – First Burning Attraction
Mauthausen Orchestra – 2nd Movement
Mauthausen Orchestra – Conflict
Pestdemon – Helvetesljuset
Various – Ten-Jin


New Forces #2


Amph – Polar/Mongol