23/12 – 2013: Update w. 52

Last update this year! New items in from Posh Isolation (including the DLP “Dokument #1”), Fusty Cunt and Triangle.


Croatian Amor – The World
Various – Dokument #1


:m: – La Nausee
Ames Sanglantes – A Refusal To Bow Down To Mankind
Climax Denial – Genitalization Of The Void
F.E. Denning – Light And Dust
Interracial Sex – Alternative Eugenics
Sexdrome – On What Draw
Swallowing Bile – Obsession
Swarm Survival – Meaningless Experience
Urine Cop – Untitled
Vanessa Amara – Both Of Us


MAAAA – Decay And Demoralization
MAAAA/K2 – Split
Macronympha – Studio 95
RU-486 – Romanian Abattoirs


The Rita/Prurient – Women Pissing


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