16/12 – 2013: Update w. 51

A great deal of new arrivals this week as well. As most of you might already know the third issue of the zine Fördämning is now out where Tordon Ljud is interviewed together with a couple of reputable mailorders in what is dubbed, of course, the “Mailorder Issue”. Apart from that a bunch of MB vinyls have arrived, a number of Cipher Productions releases, L.White CDs, some great Joy De Vivre cassettes and a Yeast Culture cassette box-set.


Kazuma Kubota & Self-Inflicted Violence – Split
Maurizio Bianchi – Endometrio
Maurizio Bianchi – Mectopyo Bakterium
Maurizio Bianchi – Menses
Maurizio Bianchi – Neuro Habitat
Maurizio Bianchi – Persecutionem
Maurizio Bianchi – Regel


Amph – Hudson
Amputation Theory – Voyeur
Brume – Quicksand
Drug Age – Tropismo
Explosive Improvised Device – Kunlangeta
Wrong Hole – Esthetic Savings
Yeast Culture – Shit On A Shingle


Body Cargo/Pogrom – Resistance
Government Alpha – Spontaneous Combustion
Human Larvae – Womb Worship
K2 – Junk-A-Tohgenkyo
Smell & Quim – Powerfuck
The Rita/Wilt – Werewolf In The Black Space


Fördämning #3


09/12 – 2013: Update w. 50

Time for a new update. Lots of qualitative releases available this week. Everything Freak Animal has released recently (including a book by Martin Bladh), a new compilation from Posh Isolation, vinyl output from the Japanese label Rockatansky, a Swedish zine and CDs from Turgid Animal.


Aaron Dilloway – The Beauty Bath
Bastard Noise/U.N.D. – Economy Of Death / Fall
Burried Machine – Stoned Mirror
Various – Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer


Aspa – 1 [SOLD OUT]
Will Over Matter – Toisesta Maailmasta
Puce Mary – Ultimate Hypocrisy
Silence Of Vacuum – 4: sealwear & heartbest / chains


Bizarre Uproar – Perverse Bizarre Humiliation
Con-Dom – Live Assault 1/4
Con-Dom – Subjection
Mutant Ape/Wertham – Split
Pain Jerk/Courtis – Pachinko Blast Anarchy
Various – Hour Of The Wolf


Hunden Som Vägrade Dö #7
Martin Bladh – DES

Restock (CD):

Burried Machine – Austin

02/12 – 2013: Update w. 49

This week’s additions include a new album by Jaakko Vanhala (Secret Apex) as well as the latest NBM and Dokumentarisk Agenda releases. Apart from that some Beläten cassettes and a 7″ from The Rita and much else (Pogrom, buffalomckee etc) have found their respective way here. A good week, no doubt.


The Rita – Shooting Sharks


Arkhe – For Everything That Lives Is Holy
Barrikad – Through Voice One Becomes Animal
Concern – Crude Vignettes: Box-Harp & Speakers
Francisco Meirino – An Unnecessary Nothingness
Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail
Kam Hassah – Private Conversation Vol. 2
Linekraft – Kikai Ningen
Nordwall/Vainio – Monstrance
Orquere – Movements
Pogrom – Degančios Suros
Secret Apex – s/t
Sutekh Hexen – Monument Of Decay
Un Regard Froid – La Féminité Moderne


buffalomckee – Craft Works

Restock (Zine):

New Forces #1

25/11 – 2013: Update w. 48

Tordon Ljud is now working normally once again. December promises to be a very busy month with heaps of new arrivals. But we are not quite there yet. This week’s update has a strong Japanese influence (Grim, Agencement, Konagaya etc) while also containing the two new Järtecknet LPs, Angoisse cassettes and Hungarian PE.


Amph / Arv & Miljö – Split
Grim – Love Song
Knækkede Stemmer – Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)
Källarbarnen – s/t


Bloom Offering – Cicatrix
Halalnihil – Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág
Ivory Prince – s/t
Kakerlak – Ligature Ferment


Agencement – Viosphere+ Selected Works 1984-1991
Government Alpha / Halalnihil – Inhuman Culture of Psychoacoustics
Grim – Folk Songs For An Obscure Race
Grim – Psycho Sun
Jun Konagaya – Organ

14/10 – 2013: Update w. 42

Small update this week. The new Cauldhame cassette on Unrest is now available, together with a couple of older Unrest releases. Apart from that the excellent new G*Park album – “Sub” – is obtainable as well.


Cauldhame – Debris
RL:ZZ – Shrine


Con-Dom – Have Complete Faith
G*Park – Sub

07/10 – 2013: Update w. 41

Some great additions this week; several older titles from Phage Tapes as well as the brand new “Wreckage” by Mania and Hal Hutchinson, the Escorting box-set by The Rita and of course the Psychic Rally box-set. On a different note it must be mentioned that Tordon Ljud will not ship any orders placed between October 21 and November 22 due to honeymooning. The webstore will remain open, you may reserve items and get in touch as usual, however. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Deterge/Pharmakon – – .– .- -. –
The Rita – Escorting


Hal Hutchinson – Damage Portrait


Kazuma Kubota + Kazumoto Endo – Switches And Knobs
Mania/Hal Hutchinson – Wreckage
Psychic Rally – Transmission 104.5 1989-1995
The Cherry Point – Misery Guts
Tourette – Brule Mon Ame, Broie Mon Corps; Remodele-Moi A L’image D’un Chien